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OmniAccess USG Routers

The Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Unified Services Gateway family is composed of multi-service networking devices designed to reduce the cost and complexity of managing branch office networks.

Alcatel-Lucents unified services gateways unify the multiple hardware and software networking solutions typically required for a branch site, adding comprehensive remote management and unparalleled serviceability. IT managers can eliminate cascaded point devices and support security, voice, routing, switching and more on a single, easy to manage platform.

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Title Date Bytes Checksum
OA5740 USG Router R01GA 01-Oct-11 22,852,886 MD5: efd908641061171d5fa43e2aec276723
SHA1: 821abf9a2366d629d36ff4e31a9d60ef3183ee8e
OA5740 USG Router R01GA 06-Oct-10 31,077,890 MD5: ee9ca860634234da106688c11b6068a4
SHA1: a3c60b01ae581b9dd4a579f204687cd05db69fec
OA700 USG Router 17-Jul-09 23,739,387 MD5: e1e4444311781b702e8379c4d9abf625
SHA1: f4912388ca513212c1582f5ea733d926d88fbebe
OA700 USG Router 24-Jan-09 32,204,844 MD5: c522e2921a08568f566f82682112cb07
SHA1: 0a5dae97d0c8a6d90cadc565a15e817e53e7f898
OA700 USG Router 03-Sep-08 33,455,648 MD5: c7681698ffc9cbbafaf5e9669b0388cd
SHA1: 74b51f4baeb0b3b0324da6c1c6e0b7a4fb34380b
OA700 USG Router 29-Mar-08 34,126,069 MD5: bce42eb1c8225463c3c198b0c5b64cac
SHA1: be1721b88bf561bf32416021c07a2207a2912064